Nashville Benefits of Bermuda Grass

Lawn care advantages of Bermuda grass in Nashville Tn

Seeding your lawn with Bermuda grass, when finishing off your landscaping projects, can result in full lawn coverage in under one year, with an established lawn that’s grown within two to three months.
Unless you’re rolling out expensive rolls of sod, that’s a time frame that’s tough to beat.

Bermuda grass grows best in warm climates, but there are varieties that will thrive in a colder climate as well. It’s salt-tolerant so it can grow well in coastal areas, and yet it’s also used in landscaping golf courses all over the country.
Bermuda grass is also found on sports fields, parks, pastures, and of course lawns.
A drought-resistant grass, Bermuda grass grows densely, can be mown quite low, and is easy to establish from seeds. It’s a darker green color and yet has a fairly fine texture makes for a lovely, low-maintenance lawn.
Over-watering a lawn can result in fungus and too many insects. Bermuda grass, which is drought-tolerant, does not need any extra water than what the sky would naturally provide during an average-rainfall year.
So cross “hooking up the sprinkler” off your landscaping list – Bermuda grass is easy.
Bermuda grass grows aggressively – it usually takes care of weeds on its own, once its growth has been established. Bermuda grass will happily choke out weeds as it densely populates your soil.
So cross “spraying for weeds” off your list too.
And, cross off “buying extra fertilizer” – Bermuda grass does fine with minimal amounts at most.
But how much will you need to mow?
Mowing is, for most of us, the only real maintenance that a lawn gets. Some varieties of Bermuda grass sod can be mown as short as 3/16 of an inch. If you’re maintaining a golf course, you’ll want to mow it daily to keep it that short, of course. But assuming you don’t mind letting the grass grow on weekdays in the spring and summer, you can eke out some extra time between trips on the mower, by mowing it extra short when you do fire up the mower.
Keep your landscaping projects easy.
A low-maintenance lawn is a happy lawn. Or rather, a low-maintenance lawn makes for a happy homeowner. Opting for Bermuda grass, if you’re looking to seed a new lawn, could make a happier you.

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