Nashville Fescue

The most preferred grass to have for a lawn in Nashville Tn is Fescue grass.

Fescue is applied as a seed in the early Fall or as sod which is laid down in squares or rolls. If you buy a piece of land in Middle Tn Nashville you will probably have fescue on the lawn. In our opinion to have the optimum fescue lawn you will need an irrigation system. Each year Middle Tennessee experiences a drought and it is severe enough most years to wype out most if not all of your fescue lawn. fescue stores most of its water in the leaves which are exposed to the hot dry air of the drought and which leave the plant struggling to survive. It has been our experience that most home-owners are open to watering by hand in order to avoid the cost of an irrigation system but get tired of watering close to the end of the drought. The best investment you could make for the health of the lawn is to install an irrigation system even if it is just for the grass area.

Fescue is also known as tall fescue because it must be mowed at 4" tall to store nutrients properly and have a healthy immune system. at certain periods during the year if you allow the fescue to grow a little taller it will self seed. bags of fescue seed can be purchased and a spreader is all that is need to place seed all over your lawn. if a mild fertilizer is placed at the time of seeding you may increase the speed of growth and thereby increasing the establishment of the lawn. aeration can help your success.

core aeration is commonly done to a lawn prior to seeding since this creates a hole in the ground for the seed to fall into. Once down in the hole the seed is in a very small climate all its own which is moist, and warm. This protective area increases your chances of establishing a fescue lawn by volumes. weeds are a problem here.

Once you have a fescue lawn growing happily a problem will occur. Weeds are unwanted plants that are growing in a place you don't want them to be. Nashville and the middle Tennessee area is full of different types of grasses and broadleaf plants that spread their seed on the wind. Once the seed of these plants lands in your well cared for lawn they quickly germinate and give you the benefit of a new type of plant growing in your fescue lawn. Companies that spray for these unwanted plants ( weeds ) are in every neighborhood on their routines and are very affordable. Spraying companies will come to your home and spray a mixture of fertilizer, pre-emergent, and weed killer into your lawn. This makes the fescue happy but the other unwanted plants die which leaves behine a virtually pure fescue lawn when done properly and on schedule.

Once again fescue is the main type of grass used here in the middle tennessee nashville area, it requires an irrigation system to live through the drought, using methods like aeration with a mild fertilizer increase success, mowing hight is 4", and you will need a spraying company to come by for help with weeds, and fertilization. We hope you grow the most fantastic fescue lawn you can good luck.